ACH Loan Options for Merchant Cash Advances

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Merchova Adds ACH Loan Options to the Merchant Cash Advance Program

November 16, 2014

ACH Loan Options Now Available for Merchant Cash Advances
ACH Loan Options Now Available for Merchant Cash Advances

(Orlando, FL) November 16, 2014 – Merchova LLC announced that they will be offering ACH Loan Options for Merchant Cash Advances Programs.

“Merchant Cash Advance programs are an easy option for Small Business Owners that need access to quick funds and don’t want to be tied to a large monthly payment.  Funds have traditionally been repaid based upon an agreed-upon percentage of future credit and debit card sales, automatically fluctuating with the borrower’s revenue stream. ” said  Merchova.  “The addition of an ACH Loan option gives Small Business Owners who may be credit challenged or need access to quick funding more financing options for supplementing or expanding their businesses.”

About Merchova LLC.

Merchova is a premier provider of business funding solutions in the U.S.  From new product innovation to customer satisfaction, Merchova is dedicated to providing relevant and beneficial products and services to help our clients grow their businesses.  For more information on Merchova, please visit

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